Who Are We?

Our Mission

We are the future of our generation.

The Loudoun Youth Advisory Council, or YAC, is a group of about fifty student representatives representing each of Loudoun County’s sixteen high schools. YAC holds bimonthly meetings, in which these representatives, split between four unique committees, work to organize events and initiatives aiming to empower the county’s youth. All YAC members are selected through a selective application process that involves responding to a series of personal statements and a character reference from a teacher or a mentor.

In the past, YAC has successfully organized and hosted Loudoun County’s Battle of the Bands events, the LoCo Improv Fest, and Loudoun’s first TEDxYouth event, TEDxYouth@Brambleton. Furthermore, YAC helps organize Loudoun’s annual Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition and engages in numerous volunteering initiatives working to better the lives of all of those in Loudoun County. As they work hard to plan these community events and initiatives, YAC members also gain valuable organizational, communication, and leadership skills.

Ultimately, YAC is defined by a single phrase: “By Teens, For Teens.” For further information on the organization and how to join, please explore the rest of our website!

YAC is the result of a partnership between Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS) and Loudoun Youth, Inc.

Working to Empower

Join us to address the needs of your community.

Join us to grow as a public servant and a leader.

Join us to shape the future of our society.

Our Core Values

At the heart of all of YAC’s activities are three core values: